The Great Pacific Ice Cream Company’s 30th Anniversary

Stearns Wharf Press Releases

In honor of The Great Pacific Ice Cream Company’s 30th anniversary, Pecan Praline is back based on popular demand.

Owner and President Francisco Aguilera shares the 30-year anniversary with Great Pacific, which is located on Stearns Wharf.

In 1984, Mr. Aguilera started working as a dishwasher at East Beach Grill, which was then owned by John K. Williams. Mr. Williams also owned Great Pacific and Char West (also located on the Wharf) and, over the years, Mr. Aguilera moved through the ranks as a cook and manager at all three locations. Following Mr. Williams’ advice and prompting, Mr. Aguilera took business classes at Santa Barbara City College.

In 2007, when Mr. Williams was ready to retire, Mr. Aguilera was able to purchase all three restaurants (Great Pacific, Char West and East Beach Grill) from Mr. Williams. Mr. Aguilera’s wife, son and daughter help him with the family run restaurants.

Great Pacific employees hand make fresh waffle cones in the shop every day. A waffle cone plus one scoop of ice cream costs $6. For more information, call 805-962-0108.

Great Pacific Ice Cream Company Owners
Francisco Junior Aguilera, 16, left, son of owner Francisco Aguilera, and Sheila Lopez, 20, stand with fresh, hand made waffle cones during a break from work at The Great Pacific Ice Cream Company.

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