Welcome to world famous Mother Stearns Candy Company. We carry hundreds of different varieties of candy, from old fashioned hard candies to gummy bears. We have 25 different flavors of salt water taffy alone. Truffles Homemade Fudge Cotton Candy Vintage Candies Popcorn Ice Cold Drinks Tobacco Gift items such as our own Stearns Wharf gift … Read more

The Origin of Salt Water Taffy

The Origins of Salt Water Taffy (according to Mother Stearns)   In October 1872, a peg-legged attorney-turned-lumberman named John Stearns completed his wharf at the foot of State Street. Thereafter, lumber arriving from the north by ship could be unloaded directly onto wagons, rather than being floated ashore on the high tides. Christmas that year, … Read more

Stearns Wharf offers hand-made Fudge

Stearns Wharf Press Releases   Stearns Wharf offers hand-made Fudge At least twice a week, Judi Bruskin makes home-made fudge in Mother Stearns Candy Company’s small kitchen on Stearns Wharf. The labor of love is worth every minute. “People come in and say it’s the best fudge they’ve ever had,” said Mrs. Bruskin, who co-owns … Read more

The Great Pacific Ice Cream Company’s 30th Anniversary

Stearns Wharf Press Releases In honor of The Great Pacific Ice Cream Company’s 30th anniversary, Pecan Praline is back based on popular demand. Owner and President Francisco Aguilera shares the 30-year anniversary with Great Pacific, which is located on Stearns Wharf. In 1984, Mr. Aguilera started working as a dishwasher at East Beach Grill, which … Read more

Conway Family Wines premieres three new spring wines

Stearns Wharf Press Releases Conway Family Wines premieres three new spring wines Conway Family Wines, a local family-owned and operated winery, will premiere three new white wines this spring. In July 2011, the Conway Family opened the Deep Sea Wine tasting room on Stearns Wharf. The Conways produce estate- and locally-sourced wines under the Deep … Read more

Nature’s Own Gallery features new rare specimens

Stearns Wharf Press Releases   Nature’s Own Gallery features new rare specimens and jewelry lines on Stearns Wharf Family–owned and –operated on Stearns Wharf since 1981, Nature’s Own Gallery is featuring a 500 million-year-old Trilobite fossil plate this month. “We are thrilled to operate our tasting room on Stearns Wharf,” said Tom Conway, 31, the … Read more

Old Wharf Trading Company

Stearns Wharf Press Releases Old Wharf Trading Company Noozhawk Article Old Wharf Trading Company, a clothing and souvenir shop on Stearns Wharf, recently hired a new manager. Rina Mitchell brings a wealth of managerial experience to Old Wharf Trading Company. Her previous experience includes managing clothing stores, movie theaters and other retail stores. “Rina has … Read more

Specialty Shops

Listed in Alphabetical Order Deep Sea Wine Tasting Room 217 G Stearns Wharf Wine Tasting and Views Open Every Day for Wine Tasting and Bottles To Go! Hours Open 7 days a week: Sunday through Thursday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM Friday and Saturday 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM Devil and the Deep Blue Sea … Read more

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