Stearns Wharf Press Releases


Stearns Wharf Merchants Association announces officers

The Stearns Wharf Merchants Association, a group dedicated to ensuring Santa Barbara’s iconic Stearns Wharf remains economically viable, has announced its officers.

At the helm is Chief Executive Officer Neil Bruskin of Mother Stearns Candy Company. Amanda Lynn Allen of Ty Warner Sea Center is Secretary and Patrick Hartmann of Old Wharf Trading Company is Chief Financial Officer.

The Merchants Association represents the 15 merchants and works through collaborative efforts to allow visitors and local community members to utilize, attend and enjoy events on Stearns Wharf throughout the year.

This year, Mr. Bruskin hopes to raise awareness of the local community regarding the historic significance of Stearns Wharf to Santa Barbara and the resources available on the Wharf throughout the year, such as:

  • Year-round access
  • Year-round fishing
  • Children’s programs
  • 4th of July Fireworks and events
  • Holiday festivals
  • Parade of Lights
  • The best view of sunsets
  • Safety day (soon the be announced)

Named after its original builder, John P. Stearns, the wharf, located at the end of State Street between East Beach and the Santa Barbara Harbor, has weathered several natural and economic disasters, including the 1925 earthquake and fires in 1973 and 1998. The reconstructed Stearns Wharf stands today as Santa Barbara’s most visited landmark.

Neil Ruskin
Neil Bruskin, of Mother Stearns Candy Company,
is CEO of the Stearns Wharf Merchants Association.

The Stearns Wharf Merchants Association represents the merchants and business owners on Stearns Wharf. Stearns Wharf is located at the end of State Street between East Beach and the Santa Barbara Harbor.