Madame Rosinka celebrates 50 years

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Madame Rosinka celebrates 50 years as longest Stearns Wharf merchant

The iconic Madame Rosinka has been offering spiritual advice on Stearns Wharf for 50 years.

Sonia Rosinka’s parents, both of Yugoslavian descent, opened the authentic, Gypsy Palm Reading business on Stearns Wharf in 1951. She was 4 years old at the time. When she turned 10, Sonia Rosinka started answering phones and helping around the office. Then, at age 17, she was licensed by the City of Santa Barbara to give readings and spiritually advise on all matters.
This year, Madame Rosinka, who took over the business from her mother, celebrates her 50th anniversary reading for clients in Santa Barbara and visitors from all around the world.

The business, now in its 63rd year, is the longest tenant on the wharf.

“I remember running around and playing on Stearns Wharf as a child,” Madame Rosinka said. “It has become a different type of wharf over the years. At first, it was all about fish. Now, it attracts tourists. I wish locals would fall in love with it again. It has such good vibes to offer our locals.” Like her grandmother and mother before her, Madame Rosinka said she was born with the gift of heightened intuition. She is a visionary and realistic optimist who has the ability to read the energy of vibes. Her younger sister, one of her grand-daughters and several of her nieces have the gift, too, she said. To schedule an appointment, call 805-965-2271.
Madame Sonia Rosinka

Madame Rosinka sits in her Stearns Wharf office.

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